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Springs Fresh Produce

The first of the seasons produce is in full swing! It’s great to take a walk through the yard harvesting the first of the fruits and vegetables. My strawberries are going strong and we have been enjoying them everyday. As well as the rhubarb, just beautiful this year. The fresh herbs are plentiful and very lush this time of year. Dill is everywhere in the garden and flower beds. Cilantro I plant and it doesn’t come up, cilantro is a frustrating herb to grow. This year it came everywhere I didn’t plant it even in the cracks of the flagstone path. I’m not complaining, I let it grow where it wants to and enjoy the harvest. Snow peas, lettuce, arugula and sorrel are also being picked. My neighbor Bob gave me some onions and Carol and I tried garlic scapes.  I have seen them at the farmers markets and usually they are woody. This year I tried them as soon as they appeared and they are young and tender with a light garlic flavor. Eat them raw, steamed or light saute, yum! I just picked my first little batch of currants. Also, the mulberries are ripening along the side of the road. of course, I picked those too.

Have you noticed this spring in Central Ohio how heavily the trees and bushes were with blooms? I’m hoping all those blooms will mean a fantastic fruit season! The mulberry tree is the first to fruit and it is very heavy with fruit. My mouth is watering just thinking of the fresh peaches, cant wait. Enjoy the season.

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