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Rolled Date, Gorgonzola Chicken with Walnut Crust

This Rolled Date and Gorgonzola chicken with Walnut Crust is simply divine! My husband and I love this dish, as well as those we have shared it with. The filling is creamy and savory with the gorgonzola, the shallot and thyme. The chopped dates add a touch of sweetness and are oh so good. It is then rolled in a walnut crust for crunch and a gluten free crust. It tastes so rich and decadent, you will think you’re at a fancy restaurant. By using skinless chicken breast, light cream cheese and healthy walnuts for the crust, it’s not over-the-top with calories, its over-the-top with flavor. This is so good, it’s will impress your most distinguished guest, yet simple enough to make whenever you have a craving.

Rolled Date, Gorgonzola Chicken with Walnut Crust

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

3 ounces light (Neufchatel) cream cheese

½ cup crumbled gorgonzola

1 shallot, minced

1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves

½ cup chopped dates

Fresh ground black pepper

1 egg

1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

½ teaspoon salt

Pinch ground cayenne

¾ cup chopped walnuts, have more on hand if needed

Preheat oven 350⁰

Pound chicken evenly to a ¼ inch in thickness, pat dry with a paper towel and set aside.

all mixed and ready

filling is spread and ready to roll

In a small mixing bowl, thoroughly combine cream cheese, gorgonzola, shallot, thyme, chopped dates and some freshly ground black pepper. Divide mixture evenly and spread on chicken breasts. Roll chicken, tucking in the sides and secure with toothpicks.

breading station ready

Now, let’s set up our breading station, in a shallow bowl whisk egg, olive oil, salt, fresh ground black pepper and a pinch of cayenne until combined.

On a sheet of wax paper place chopped walnuts and season with salt and pepper; mix.

Spread about 2 teaspoon olive oil onto a baking sheet, I like to use my hands, but use a brush if you like.

Place rolled chicken into egg mixture and coat entirely, once chicken is coated place in walnut mixture; use wax paper to assist with putting the crumbs on the chicken (I make a hammock out of the wax paper and gently roll the chicken back and forth to coat with crumbs). Place chicken on baking sheet. Continue this procedure with remaining chicken rolls.

hot out of the oven

Bake for 30 minutes; serve warm.

Rolled Date, Gorgonzola Chicken with Walnut Crust


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